About the author of yogaclass.net

  • Bruce first experienced the life-enhancing benefits of Yoga when he attended Yoga classes at a London Adult Education centre in 1970. This led to a trip on a London Double Bus through Denmark, Germany, Austria, Jugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afganisthan, Pakistan, India and Nepal.
  • Bruce travelled around India for a year staying in remote villages, temples and ashrams. He was inspired by gurus and others that he met along the way, especially Chandra Mohan near Agra and Swamis Chidananda and Krishnananda of Sivanandashram, Rishikesh. He then found his guru Paramahansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati and joined his Yoga Ashram. He received initial training in Yoga under the guidance of his guru in Munger, Bihar, then spent another 3 years working on an ashram farm in Rajnandgaon, Madya Pradesh, milking cows, growing rice, studying and teaching Yoga and administering yoga therapy to students from around the World.
  • In 1975 Bruce was initiated into the Saraswati Dasnami by his guru and given the name Swami Vyasadevananda Saraswati. Vyasadev was awarded the title "Acharya" which qualifies him to teach a wide range of Yogic Kriyas. Vyasadev travelled through Africa and then back to the UK.
  • Bruce is very grateful to yoga for transforming his life. This website is Bruce's way of thanking Yoga, his guru and others who have inspired him, including the following:
  • Swami Nishchalananda and other friends at Mandala Yoga Ashram, an internationally renowned centre of yogic science. It is dedicated to presenting the breadth of yogic teachings, including meditation and philosophy, to all those who are sincerely looking to awaken joy and bring a greater quality and depth to their life. Mandala Yoga Ashram is an independent institution which is not affiliated to any religious beliefs or sects; it is only concerned with awakening the intelligence and potential which exists innate in each human being. It is one of the few authentic ashrams outside of India.
  • Friends at the British Wheel of Yoga, a voice in the UK, dedicated to promoting yoga teachers, students and members within a professional and inspiring union. In the 1980's, Bruce attained the British Wheel of Yoga Teachers Diploma, with guidance from Peter Taylor-Wood and Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati. Bruce has since been registered as a teacher of teachers, qualified to teach British Wheel of Yoga Teacher In Service Training Days.

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